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RetroPokeFan's Random Pokémon Episode Blog

Yo dude, today's episode the generator has picked for us today is A Meditite Fight! which is Episode 30 of Advanced. You see this episode is really gnarly like the ocean waves because not only is our super cool Hoenn gym leader dude Brawly is back but Ash also faces one of his students Shauna (no not that Shauna, the other one).

But oh no there's a storm heading their way and that is really bogus man, so they've gotta like gather some Pokémon and help them out before they decide to rest and talk about some wicked things while Meowth burns his tail. Whoops, watch where you put your tail cat.

So Ash and Pikachu then battle Shauna and they win and oh Brawly's saved the big surprise for last cause they're having their battle at a little island.

Wicked! Gnarly! Awesome stuff! We'll like totally be there for their upcoming match. Screw everything else, this gym battle will be most triumphant dude, instant 5/5 from Brawly man.


A totally rad looking pic of Pikachu and Meditite ready to battle dudes!

In actuality: 3/5

It's another episode with some fillery stuff happening to pad the episode but hey, at least Team Rocket doesn't hijack 8 minutes of the damn thing.
Today's episode the generator has picked for us today is Gulpin' it Down! which is Episode 25 of Advanced Challenge. Delightfully silly stuff where a town gets invaded by a bunch of Gulpin and then both Gulpin and Ash's Treecko then suddenly grow to large size and it's just pure chaos afterwards.

This Professor Jacuzzi guy clearly foreshadowed Dynamaxing before Dynamaxing was even a thing.


Never before seen footage of gimmick currently in the works, please do not share with others.

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Today's episode the generator has picked is Familiarity Breeds Strategy! which is Episode 29 of Sinnoh League Victors.

A perfect way to kick start the long awaited third and final rematch against Paul in the Sinnoh league. This guy had been Ash's big Sinnoh rival and one of the hardest yet with his more arrogant and edgier personality so there were tons of people excited for this match and it all starts off on a very solid note. Needless to say though once Parts 2 and 3 arrive and both Electivire and Masaaki Iwane bursts out on the scene, we're truly in for quite the battle indeed.


A battle destined for greatness!

Today's episode the generator has picked is Scare at the Litwick Museum! which is Episode 26 of Black and White.

It's the daily Ghost type episode where our heroes run into a place they think is haunted and it's just a Ghost type Pokémon that's causing trouble. Sadly though this one isn't that particularly interesting especially since a couple of episodes ago, we had a similar sort of plot when they visited the Nacrene City museum and there was much more going on. Here every cliché is used to a tee - objects that come to life, characters suddenly disappearing or acting strangely and a final showdown to save themselves from certain danger.

So while it's not that bad of an episode (and believe me this generator will pick out some true stinkers from the Unova era one day), it didn't quite give me a scare either as the title claims.


Don't look behind you Axew.

Today's the episode the generator has picked is Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open! which is Episode 32 of Black and White.

This is an episode of two sides - the Oshawott side and the other Pokémon side.

The Oshawott side is tons of fun with some great moments for Ash and Cilan and another mon joining Ash's team in the forgettable Palpitoad.

However what slightly lets this episode down is the sucky other Pokémon side where the others all get poisoned by their own stupidity and we keep cutting back to them all still ill. Yes, we get it guys. They all need their medicine, can we go back to silly Oshawott antics please?


One nervous little otter.

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