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RetroPokeFan's Random Pokémon Episode Blog


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Nov 2, 2016
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Welcome to a new little BulbaBlog from me called RetroPokeFan's Random Pokémon Episode Blog where I review a particular episode from the Pokémon anime that has been selected carefully with a particular purpose in mind using Perchance's Random Pokémon Episode Generator.

Of course I say selected carefully because for all I know I might end up with a big pile of garbage but at the same time it might reward me with an episode I love to bits.

You just never know with these randomizers but that's easily the charm of it all. So come and join me as I delve into thousands of episodes of Ash and Pikachu's adventures (and maybe some from Liko and Roy if any pop up) and sort out the crap from the good in my own witty and amusing way.

The first episode that has been cherry picked from this generator is Grooming Furfrou which is Episode 8 of the XY series.

It is fairly amusing that I've made such a big introduction as there's actually quite little to talk about this one - it's your usual filler episode where the gang meets the COTD of the day, have a gander at what they're doing and then Team Rocket show up, they battle them and send them blasting off and then they say farewell to said COTD and head off to their next destination.

This description fits this episode perfectly to a tee but the one bit that is particularly cool is when Pikachu gets sprayed by ink which leaves him unable to see what's happening during the battle.

In Episode 3 of the original Kanto era when a similar event happened this basically forced Pikachu out of the battle leaving Ash to use another one of his Pokémon, but here Pikachu actually continues battling Team Rocket's Pokémon with his eyes shut and it's almost as if he and Ash are one in a way and shows just how far they've both come.

It's just the little things like that which makes me smile. And I suppose it makes Ash look cooler which is what they seemed to be doing for the Kalos era of the anime.

"I love me those Ash and Pikachu moments."


Silly girl, you know you can't beat that trap up with a stick.
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Today's episode the generator has picked is Big Sky, Small Fry! which is Episode 33 of Sun and Moon.

Or as I like to call it "the one where Ash walked off the set of a Saturday morning cartoon" as he actually is the weakest part of the episode as well as the pacing too. Everything is just going by way too quickly and Ash's antics feel too zany even for Sun and Moon's humour standards.

I get that they wanted to make Ash a bit more comedical than how he was before but this is just way too much even for my tastes. It's like a Nickelodeon cartoon gone wrong.

Luckily though Lana is here to save the day and she easily gets some of the best moments in the episode when going up against Wishiwashi and by the end gets a Z-ring of her own.

By the end of this episode, I very much had the same sort of reaction as Pikachu himself.

Today's episode the generator has picked is Mantine Overboard which is Episode 5 of Johto League Champions.

A nice little episode this is, not one of the best but is at least a comfy sort of episode I can get through unlike most of the others in this season. Also it has Pikachu in a scuba diving costume.

Look at how cute he is with his scuba diving stuff, what's not to like really?

Today's episode the generator has picked is Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams! which is Episode 127 of Sun & Moon.
This is a great one for both Lillie and Gladion as not only do we get to see more of their father Mohn which sets the stage for them eventually heading out to find him by the end of the show but also Gladion reunites with Mohn's Zoroark in one of the most touching moments.

If there's one thing that Sun and Moon is fantastic with, it's those more emotional parts and when this show delivers, it really does deliver.

Oh and of course Professor Kukui announces the Alola League which gets everybody all fired up and raring to go. Luckily they don't have to wait too long as the league begins next episode but with this being a Random Episode Generator, who knows when we'll make it to the League?

Heck, we might even land in the middle or the end.


Gladion having a Back to the Future moment.

Today's episode the generator has picked is Pacifidog Jam which is Episode 116 of the Advanced era.

It's our first look at a Pokémon Contest episode on this blog but one where we've landed right in the middle of it all (Part Two of the Pacifidlog Contest) which works much in the same way as skipping the first half of a book and just going straight to the half-way point.

It's not the most memorable of May's contest outings but it's one that does provide some fun Team Rocket moments notably when Meowth and Jessie join the contest and Meowth's disguises work just about as well as you'd expect... in his usual crappy fashion.

Also it seems there's something up with her COTD rival Erica being jealous and all during the start of this episode so I guess we'll have to find out why when we get to the last episode before this one.


Truly worthy of a thousand awards indeed.

Today's episode the generator has picked is To Train, or Not To Train! which is Episode 49 of Journeys.

This is where things massively start to change up for Chloe since she only had Yamper for company up until this point. Introducing.... another Eevee because apparently most of the female companions are required to have one since XY.

See, their contract even says so. And they don't even have contracts.

And while it's cute with the first few episodes, little did we unsuspecting fools realise just how little both of them would accomplish by the end. Like yeah, they met a bunch of different people with Eeveelutions but apparently the staff thought that was all that was needed and thus yet again we ended up getting another Eevee with wasted potential.

And you wanna know just how wasted? They couldn't be arsed to even have it Gigantamax unlike with Pikachu because Journeys is apparently allergic to anything Galar related.

Anyway little rant aside, despite this obvious problem later down the road it's not a bad way to introduce Eevee to Chloe's life and it's still at least watchable compared to a lot of other episodes from the Ultimate Journeys season.


What a cute duo, wouldn't it be a real shame if they were to do nothing with them huh?

Today's episode the generator has picked is Turning Over a Nuzleaf which is Episode 26 of Advanced.

It's one of those "Pokémon get separated from their trainers and must make it back" kind of episodes and it's not a particularly interesting one at that complete with Yusaku Takeda's boring and dull style where the characters only ever have about three expressions at best.

Painfully dull stuff... aside from Corphish. Corphish gets all the best bits.


Nuzleaf can only help but admire seeing the others get turned into unidentifiable blobs.

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Today's episode the generator has picked is Survival of the Striaton Gym! which is Episode 43 of Adventures in Unova and Beyond.

I really do like this one as it's an episode that shows off some good character development for Cilan (even though he'll be leaving by the next episode) as well as his other bros Chili and Cress as he attempts to save their gym from being taken by Morana.

Erica Schroeder really delivers in this one as her Morana sounds perfectly uncaring and arrogant and Lucien Dodge is great as Chili as well (especially when he gets all flustered in a flashback) in the character's last appearance too. A good way to cap things off for our Striaton gym trio.


Chili plays the "OBJECTION!" card on Morana.

Today's episode the generator has picked is Manectric Charge which is Episode 19 of Advanced Challenge.

After a false start with the last battle, Ash gets to battle Wattson for realsies this time in the second gym battle of the season. Unfortunately it's one of the least memorable of the Hoenn battles as well.

Too much time is devoted to Team Rocket attempting to steal everyone's Pokémon and I'd be fine with it if it was just a couple of minutes but no, it just keeps on going and going until Wattson finally arrives and that's about 8 minutes already wasted.

And then May has to battle Watt for whatever reason which... errr okay. Doesn't really do much for the episode but fine.

And once that's done Ash finally gets to battle Wattson again… except there's only about 6 minutes of the episode left so Torkoal goes down very quickly and that's that... and Wattson ceases to be relevant afterwards because he gave Ash his badge earlier on.

If this episode is any indication, this Wattson guy is lame.

He's a lame gym leader and he should feel bad about himself... and so should this episode.

It's all lame.


Probably the only good part of this entire episode.

So if I could rewrite the episode, how could I make it a little less lame? (I have TR gone from my planned remix story, Team Aqua (since I played Sapphire) has no reason to be there, May has no reason to battle Wattson, so that part is cut)
Maybe have it be an actual proper gym battle because I've only just now realised that they never properly battled at all what with Wattson just giving him the badge during their first meeting as Pikachu was acting up strangely and taking all of his mons down easily and then this was just Ash training Torkoal with the rest just being filler crap.

The battle would be a 3 on 3 match with Wattson using his Manetric. Of course Pikachu would be used but Grovyle and Torkoal would be used as well.
I got reminded of the fact that a good chunk of the Eevee episode was about Team Rocket's attack on the school. Poor girl didn't catch a break, I'm sure the amount of scenes that focused solely on her wouldn't reach the 20s.

The Nuzleaf episode was fine until the end where it became and Ash & Pikachu episode for no reason, AG was very cheesy when it wanted to.
Maybe have it be an actual proper gym battle because I've only just now realised that they never properly battled at all what with Wattson just giving him the badge during their first meeting as Pikachu was acting up strangely and taking all of his mons down easily and then this was just Ash training Torkoal with the rest just being filler crap.

The battle would be a 3 on 3 match with Wattson using his Manetric. Of course Pikachu would be used but Grovyle and Torkoal would be used as well.
In my planned remix Grovyle (named Yew) is still on the team, but Torkoal is swapped for a Growlithe (named Hunter)
Today's episode the generator has picked is The New Old Gang of Mine! which is Episode 37 of Journeys.

After getting defeated by Bea and dropping down the PWC rankings and having to go through a dull and uneventful episode, what Ash (and also I) most definitely need is a trip to one of my favourite regions in the anime - Alola.

And his first of three visits to the region was a real fun episode where we get to see all of Ash's Alola classmates again and Kiawe even challenges Goh to a battle to see if he's worthy of being Ash's friend. What's also great about this episode is seeing how time has passed since the end of Sun and Moon - Professor Burnet and Professor Kukui now have a baby of their own and we even see Lillie and Gladion beginning their journey to find their father Mohn (which would most certainly pay off once we saw them again two years later).

Everybody (well nearly everyone except for Mallow's VA as Emily Cramer neatly takes over the role from Rebecca Soler and does a great job) including the likes of Marc Swint, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Rohana Kenin, Melissa Schoenberg, Laurie Hymes, Eddy Lee and the rest sound like they've comfortably slipped back into their roles whether it's Abe Goldfarb sounding cool as ever as Kukui or Marc Swint as determined and skilled as Kiawe.

Really, it's Marc Swint who gets to shine the most in this especially during his battle with Goh (Zeno Robinson) which while brief does give Goh some much needed development.

I enjoyed this one when it first aired in 2020 and I still do enjoy it today. It's essentially a prelude to what would eventually be a love letter to all things Alola.


One big happy reunion - sans Lillie and Gladion but don't worry, their time will come soon...


maybe in hundreds of episodes time.

Today's episode the generator has picked is So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd which is Episode 49 of the Kanto series.

It's an enjoyable little filler episode where Misty's Psyduck gets some pretty hilarious moments and Team Rocket gets some good ones too. Really I don't have much to say with this one.

I like me some little Psyduck moments and there's some great bits for it in this one.


A meeting of two ducks.

Today's episode the generator has picked is Dawn's Early Night! which is Episode 49 of Diamond and Pearl.

It's the first time we've come across one of Dawn's contest episodes of the series and it's a very good one for Dawn as she ends up unexpectedly not making it past the first round which really ends up shocking her.

These Contest episode normally have plenty of great bits for Dawn and there's tons of good character development for her where she has to accept that sometimes we all have to lose but that we should never give up and keep on chasing our goals.

This is also a Kazue Kinoshita episode and it's a bit wonky looking. Not as bad as their earlier episodes but there's still something that doesn't look quite right either.


Yep, she's definitely gonna need an early night with a face like that.

Today's episode the generator has picked is A Fiery Training Camp Trick! which is Episode 31 of Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends.

By this point things are really picking up for Sophocles with some solid episodes and here's another one for the list as he goes off to train with Ash and Kiawe for the upcoming Alola League.

Ash and Kiawe also get fired up a lot as demonstrated by this photo.... or at least Ash is anyway.


Today's episode the generator has picked is Bulbasaur... the Ambassador! which is Episode 15 of Master Quest.

In which the staff suddenly realise that Bulbasaur's kinda been hanging around for dog years even though Squirtle and Charizard left way earlier so it's dumped off to Oak's lab in this somewhat lacking and uneventful episode. Another thing for the series to tick off its list.


"How on Earth were you still hanging with Ash? Didn't you realise your old Kanto pals went off doing other things years ago?"

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