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RetroPokeFan's Corner (Reviews and other tat)

Your Name (anime film, CoMix Wave Films, 2016)


Generally gorgeous to look at and simply charming with it's characters, Your Name is a masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai that easily ranks as one of the best films he's ever made (in my opinion of course). Top marks to the dub by NYAV Post as well as leads Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh whose chemistry between them is nothing short of superb and really makes the emotional scenes just that more emotional.
The Fight for the Fox-Box (animated special, 4Kids Entertainment, 2003)


Barely makes a single lick of sense and consists entirely of footage from some 4Kids shows from said block edited in a very clumsy fashion but I definitely won't lie when I say that this was still pretty entertaining. This literally just feels like a weird fever dream of sorts, the kind of thing we hardly see much of these days.

"Don't be so hard-boiled Eggman!"
D.I.Y. Duck (animated short, Disney, 2024)

Nice to see another Donald Duck short in the classic style after a long while complete with Clarence Nash's iconic sounds and even the ol' Oliver Wallace music though it's a little disappointing that it's only two minutes meaning most of the gags have barely enough time to land before it has to quickly move onto the next one.

Happy 90th anniversary you crazy foul tempered duck!
Stuart Little 2 (PS1)


I haven't seen any of the Stuart Little films in dog years (only the first two although there's a third one that went straight to video and looks like a big pile of CG mouse droppings) so I can't really comment on if they've aged well or not but the PS1 game based off of the second isn't too bad for a licensed platformer.

It's very similar to the solid Toy Story 2 game in a sense in that you're playing a small character (the Michael J. Fox mouse) and exploring a big looking world and I like that sort of stuff.

It's nice and simple, not too frustrating and I could see this being a decent way to introducer younger players to platforming before they move onto their Marios and Crash Bandicoots.

You can also collect everything pretty easily and after completing this 100% I have now officially qualified as a Stuart Little master.

Not that anyone will care anyway.
Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2)

The first two Burnout games set the stage for what's to come but this third entry is definitely where the franchise hits its all time high with what I consider an essential PS2 (or Xbox) game. The races are more thrilling than before and of course the crashes that the series is known for are just so much darn fun to watch and more impactful than ever.

It's incredibly entertaining and a fun time with friends too easily making this one of the best entries in this series to date.
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