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Paldea Monopoly: Proof of Concept


Jun 17, 2024
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  1. He/Him
Hey everyone.

I'm going to lay out a proof-of-concept for a Paldea version of the classic board game Monopoly.

This game would play very similarly to standard Monopoly - like the original game you would buy up properties and attempt to bankrupt your opponents. But of course, this version, as you might guess, is set in Paldea instead.

This is just a proof-of-concept. Feedback as to how I could improve this is encouraged.

To begin, here's the board:

  • The streets are recast as major locations throughout Paldea, such as major cities, Naranja Academy and notable landmarks.
  • The four railroads are recast as Team Star bases. I know there are five bases, but I only had four railroads to swap out, so I elected to leave out the Segin Squad. Sorry to any Giacomo fans reading this, but I can't shove in an additional space without causing problems.
  • Like with practically every official version of Monopoly, the four corner spaces are left intact, as are the Chance and Community Chest spaces.
  • The tax and utility spaces are also left as is because I was honestly not sure what to do with them.
  • The houses and hotels are replaced with Pokémon Centres and Gyms respectively.

Here are the title deeds:

Chance cards:

Community Chest cards:


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