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Galar's Poké Ball Enthusiast Story Event returns to Pokémon Masters EX until June 17th, alongside Ball Guy Variety Scout

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Ball Guy
The Galar's Poké Ball Enthusiast Story Event that originally ran in Pokémon Masters EX in March and April last year is making a return to the game today alongside a Variety Scout featuring Ball Guy & Amoonguss, who made their debut together with the original run of the event. Both the event and scout will be available until June 17th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Story Event: Galar's Poké Ball Enthusiast
As implied in the title, this event focuses on the Ball Guy, as he arrives on Pasio ready to continue his work as a mascot cheering everyone on.

Story Event: Galar's Poké Ball Enthusiast - Event Medals
By completing battles during this event, players can earn special Ball Guy Sticker items, which can be exchanged for a variety of valuable items including a Strike Move Candy Coin, and 5★ Scout Tickets. Players can also obtain Gems and Event Medals for completing special missions during the event. All rewards can be claimed even if players have previously completed the event during its original run in 2023.

As usual for events of this type, players will have an increased chance of receiving bonus rewards if they take on event battles using teams that feature specific sync pairs. The more of these sync pairs that players place in their lineup, the greater the bonus received. The applicable Sync Pairs and reward rates are as follows:
These bonuses stack additively, so having a team consisting of Ball Guy & Amoonguss, Victor & Rillaboom, and the Player Character & Pikachu would grant a combined +120% (x2.2) rewards.

Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • The number of plays available for Daily Extreme Battle 1 are reset every day at 11:00pm (PDT).
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
  • All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the mission period ending.
  • Leftover Ball Guy Sticker items will be automatically converted to coins at a rate of 10 coins per item at the end of the event, and sent to players' Present Boxes
Log-in Bonus
This event includes a log-in bonus over 7 days. Players can receive these bonuses up until June 13th at 10:59pm (PDT), so even if you're a couple of days late starting the event you'll still have the chance to receive all of the available gifts.
  • Day 1: Gems ×100
  • Day 2: 5★-Guaranteed Scout Ticket ×5
  • Day 3: Gems ×100
  • Day 4: 5★-Guaranteed Scout Ticket ×5
  • Day 5: Gems ×100
  • Day 6: 5★-Guaranteed Scout Ticket ×5
  • Day 7: Gems ×100
Ball Guy & Amoonguss
Ball Guy Variety Scout

This Variety scouts offer players an opportunity to scout Ball Guy in his 5★ sync pair with Amoonguss. The pair comes with an expanded sync grid, and the ability to be raised to 6★ EX, however they do not have an EX Role.

5★ Sync Pairs will have a 7% chance of appearing in this scout, with the featured pair having a higher chance of appearing than other pairs. No additional presents are being offered for partnering with Ball Guy & Amoonguss in this scout however, nor is any Presents! Limit 3! version of the scout being run as would typically be seen with most Variety Scouts.


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