5★-Guaranteed Galar Ticket Scout now available in Pokémon Masters EX

5★ Galar Ticket Scout
A 5★-Guaranteed Galar Ticket Scout is now available in Pokémon Masters EX, complementing the Galar Team-Up currently in the Battle Point Challenge: Daily Region Rotation.

This tie-in banner allows players to Scout 5★ Sync Pairs from the Galar Region for the price of 30x 5★ Galar Scout Tickets per Sync Pair scouted. Tickets can be earned through the Galar Team-Up: Beginner, Galar Team-Up: Intermediate, and Galar Team-Up: Advanced missions in the Daily Region Rotation as part of the Battle Point Challenge. Tickets may also be available in other future events tied to the Galar Region.
Rhodehawk Written by Rhodehawk